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Spectacular Slovakia Announcement

The first comprehensive, modern guide to Slovakia in English presents the country not just through its architecture and nature, but also through people and stories. A handy, pocket-sized format contains all the information necessary to discover Slovakia.
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All Saints’ Day

Feature Photo Slovakia prepares to commemorate All Saints' Day on November 1. On this day people gather in churches and cemeteries to remember relatives who have passed away. 30 Oct 2014 More Feature Photos
Court clears referenda on family A REFERENDUM that seeks to constitutionally define the concept of family is likely to take place after all, albeit not with all the questions that the petitioners proposed after the Constitutional Court ruled on October 28 that three of the four questions that social conservatives want to pose to voters could go forward. 30 Oct 2014 More from Politics & Society
Russia pledges to fulfil gas contracts AS SLOVAK Economy Minister Pavol Pavlis journeyed to Moscow for gas talks on October 22, power brokers in Brussels were paving the way for a deal between Russia and Ukraine over renewing supply and paying off outstanding debts – a development that would go a long way in calming fears across Europe as the weather chills. 27 Oct 2014 More from Business
First fine for Mariatchi beating ONE OF the perpetrators in the beating attack at the Mariatchi bar in downtown Nitra, the video of which shocked the Slovak public early this year, will receive a €400 fine in the first penalty handed down from the case. 27 Oct 2014 More from Politics & Society
Free trains arrive before elections THE ROBERT Fico cabinet is meeting another promise from its €250 million social-economic package, preparing to compensate the nation for heavy consolidation measures. From November 17 on, rail tickets will be free for children, students and pensioners. While the opposition calls it a populist measure prepared by the ruling party prior to the local elections, railway experts see it as an unsystematic step toward distorting the public transportation market. 27 Oct 2014 More from Business
Moldava mayor talks Roma, cancelled concert István Zachariaš has headed the town since communism fell KOŠICE – Moldava nad Bodvou grabbed international headlines last year as the scene of alleged police violence targeting the Roma minority. In June 2013, an operation code named “Repressive-Search Action 100” saw 63 police officers raid the Budulovská Roma settlement on the outskirts of town. They were purportedly seeking seven men for whom they had arrest warrants. They found none of those men, but violence ensued and 15 other Roma were taken to the police station, and several were injured. No Roma were ever charged with a crime, and the incident drew criticism from the likes of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. 27 Oct 2014 More from Politics & Society
Busting the myth EDITORIAL WHENEVER economic hardship culminates people, tend to pick a scapegoat – a vessel to pour their frustration into. In Slovakia, the country’s 403,000-strong Roma population most frequently plays this unfortunate role. Whenever foreigners who haven’t been in contact with the Roma ask about this socially vulnerable group, many Slovaks readily offer their insights: instead of working, they sponge off the country’s social system, thus contributing to the country’s economic problems. 26 Oct 2014 More from Opinion
Jana Liptáková
The best diplomacy: travel, education exchange THEODORE Sedgwick believes that for diplomats it is important to talk to the average person in order to better understand the country. “I really enjoyed my contact with so many Slovaks all over the country,” said Sedgwick, the US ambassador to Slovakia, who is serving his fourth year here as a diplomat. A passionate traveller himself, Sedgwick says Slovakia has much to offer as a tourist destination, and also as an important player in regional security. 27 Oct 2014 More from Foreigners in Slovakia
Getting inspired by the hotbed of innovation WAITING to see whether legislation has a negative effect on the business environment and then changing things is not the best approach when it comes to a business environment, says Jake Slegers, the executive director of AmCham in Slovakia, adding that frequent legislative changes without proper impact assessment are damaging. 27 Oct 2014 More from Foreigners in Slovakia
Countrywide Events Music, Theatre, Exhibition Locked Western SLOVAKIA 27 Oct 2014 More from Culture & Society
Geosense, the story of successful UNYP MBA graduates ADVERTORIAL Ladislav Čapek and Jan Zvoník founded their start-up Geosense during their MBA studies at the University of New York in Prague. If they had decided not to study MBA at UNYP, they would probably never have met and or started their business. Here is the story of successful UNYP graduates. 27 Oct 2014 More from Business Focus
SUCCESSFUL OFFICE LETTING TO SCHOENHERR ADVERTORIAL Modesta Real Estate is pleased to announce that they have successfully let 400 sqm of office space in Apollo Business Center II to the international law firm Schoenherr. The Bratislava-based staff of Schoenherr, one of the leading full service law firms in Central and Eastern Europe, will be relocating to their new office on Prievozska street in November 2014. 28 Oct 2014 More from Business Focus
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“From my point of view, the revision to the constitution did not ban exports of water from Slovakia: it only turned it into a tear-off calendar.” Most-Híd MP Zsolt Simon comments on passing the constitutional amendment banning water exports.